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10 Reasons to LOVE the Modern African Gentleman!

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This piece was inspired by a very difficult conversation I had with my girlfriends over dinner a few weeks ago. What started off as a fun discussion about marriage and relationships turned into an episode of “African men-bashing” for everything they were not. To my dismay, all the girls, most of whom happened to be African-born confessed their lack of interest in dating African men. Their main argument was that African men simply cannot accommodate or in their own words “handle” the successful, modern African woman.

It’s not surprising to hear some women swearing to never marry from a particular race, tribe or culture. But as someone currently happily married to a wonderful African gentleman, I couldn’t help but feel totally uncomfortable and displeased with the misconceptions about African men, especially coming from other African women.

In every race, there are stereotypes, both cultural and social that define men and women. We’ve all heard all kinds of myths about African men. While it is wise to consider certain aspects of the person you wish to date, it is important that you do not generalize based on experience, and that you draw your conclusions based on facts and not myths. Not every African man is controlling or possessive; not every African man believes that a woman’s place is in the kitchen. Actually, the modern African gentleman is quite the opposite.

I strongly believe that African men of this particular generation are the ‘cream of the crop’, however our women focus so much on their flaws that we fail to recognize how exceptional they are. It is certainly an opportunity missed.

Regardless of the kind of impression you have of the African man, there are certain characteristics that make him the most lovable. A closer look at some of these characteristics  reveals why most ladies, whether African or foreign, should consider dating the African man.

So in case you do not know or forgot, here is a reminder as to why the modern African gentleman is the one to catch. Click next to continue:

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