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Tree in Guinea Source of Ebola Outbreak?

Ebola Tree

With more than 27,000 being infected and more than 11,000 dying from the Ebola virus primarily in Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone, it is understood as the worst outbreak in human history. And while it has long been identified who had the first case of Ebola, a single tree (pictured) in Guinea is suspected as being the actual source of the deadly disease, reports the BBC.


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Emile Ouamouno

After suffering from headache, fever, and bloody diarrhea, 2-year-old Emile Ouamouno (pictured being held, far left) died in December 2013 in Meliandou village. Days later, Philomene, his 3-year-old sister, and Sia (pictured right), his pregnant mother, would also die, Ebola treeleaving behind heartbroken Father and husband Etienne (pictured also in top photo).

A year and a half later, a group of children identify a tree that was filled with bats. After attacking the bats with a spear and fire, several of the bats fell to the ground and the children filled their bags with them and then ate them.

And while it isn’t explicitly stated that Emile was present during the eating, it appears in the below video that he likely ingested one of the Ebola-carrying bats only to trigger the worst Ebola outbreak in human history.

Watch the children explain their outing and point out the tree here:

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