Fitness Tip 102: Push Yourself Now & Your Body Will Thank You Later

Coach Cass April 29, 2015

Cassandra Nuamah

In terms of your health and wellness and just overall life, don’t sacrifice what you want most for what you temporarily want now.

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Let’s think about some of the things you want most per your wellness:

  • Energy for days
  • Amazing arms, abs, and legs
  • Clear skin
  • Great cardio and strength endurance

Now let’s look at the things you probably want now:

  • To stay in bed instead of workout
  • To have a few more pieces of candy, cookies, or chocolate bars
  • To have that second or third plate
  • To give up and have a seat when you get tired and can’t run that last mile or do that last push-up in the circuit
  • To have soda instead of water

When you compare the two, what you want most far outweighs the short temporary fixes you want now. This is not to say that you can never have some of the things that you want now, but you need to stay consistent so you can actually achieve your goal.

You need to ask yourself, how bad do you want your ideal body, your ideal career, or your ideal relationship? Whatever your actual goals are, it doesn’t seem like you want it as bad as you want:

  • to chill and party
  • to eat your guilty pleasures every day
  • to procrastinate and waste time on social media
  • to watch one more episode or marathon of your favorite show
  • to read one more blog post or watch one more YouTube video
  • to cruise along in your comfort zone and make no effort
  • to play it safe

I write this because if you want something bad enough, you’ll do it.

For many of us, though, and I’m guilty of this as well, we’d rather do those things I mentioned among other things and end up making excuses as to why we haven’t met our “goal.”

You say you want to get in shape and be healthy so bad or you say you want to get a six pack so bad or you say you want to be your own boss or travel the world, etc. All these things you say you supposedly want “so bad,” but let’s be honest, you only “kind of want” it because:

  • When the opportunity arises to cheat, you always give in
  • When it’s not easy anymore, you stop
  • As soon as things get uncomfortable, you go searching for something easier

Am I wrong?

Prove it to me, to everyone, and to yourself how bad you actually want it. Because right now we’re having a hard time believing you. Do me a favor and make us believers. 🙂

To accomplish any goal in life requires a little bit of sacrifice. If you make a small sacrifice for some of the things you want now through your wellness to reap the long term benefits of the things you want most, your body will surely thank you later.

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Last Edited by:Abena Agyeman-Fisher Updated: April 29, 2015


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